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2018 programming of urban projects – More than 450 km of roadways, water mains and sewers will be rehabilitated or rebuilt in Montreal in 2018

2018 programming of urban projects

More than 450 km of roadways, water mains and sewers will be
rehabilitated or rebuilt in Montreal in 2018

April 16, 2018, Montréal – The Vice-President of the Executive Committee and responsible for Water and Infrastructure for Water, Infrastructure and the Electric Services Commission, Mr. Sylvain Ouellet, the member of the Executive Committee responsible for Urban Planning, Transportation and the Montreal Public Advisory Office, Mr. Eric Alan Caldwell and the Associate Consultant to the Executive Committee on Sustainable Development and Active Transportation, Ms. Marianne Giguère, unveiled an ambitious program for the 2018 construction sites for the rehabilitation of streets, sidewalks, aqueducts and sewers. Projected investments amount to an historical threshold of $ 1.176 billion, an increase of more than $ 490 million compared to 2017.

“This is an ambitious program that we are unveiling today in order to reduce the maintenance deficit that is destroying our infrastructures, particularly those of water, which are so essential. We are aware that the projects have an impact on the daily life of Montrealers, but these investments are necessary and the only option responsible. In addition, with the new Policy on the Use of the Public Domain by Urban Technical Networks, we are aiming for even more focused work planning and costs that better reflect reality, “said Sylvain Ouellet.


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“With the implementation of these projects, our Administration puts an end to the practice of remaking systematically in the same way and is betting on the development. We are reviewing all projects to identify ways to enhance them to focus on user mobility, security, and experience, “said Eric Alan Caldwell.

“Our administration is aiming for nothing less than the achievement of a 15% modal bike share within 10 years in the central districts. The concepts of development are all reviewed to see how to promote this transfer, whether by revising the speed limits in certain streets, the upgrading of traffic lights, or the redevelopment of intersections. Today we are announcing many exciting projects that illustrate our desire to go beyond simply adding kilometers. Our goal is to develop a safe cycling network of quality for all citizens, “added Ms. Marianne Giguère.

The record level of investment projected by the City of Montreal in its 2018 Construction Site Program includes a $ 542 million highway portfolio, $ 96 million for major projects and $ 538 million for infrastructure and water plants.


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Main construction sites of 2018
§ Rosemont reservoir: 40% increase in the total water reserve
§ Eastern looping: reducing the vulnerability of drinking water supply
§ Protection of the Atwater intake: secure the raw water intake
§ Retention basins: William, Rockfield and Lavigne
§ Ozone disinfection plant
§ Rue Sainte-Catherine, between Bleury and Mansfield Streets
§ Rue Saint-Hubert, between Bellechasse and Jean-Talon Streets
§ SRB-Pie-IX, between Pont Pie-IX and Avenue Pierre-de-Coubertin (preparatory works)
§ Peel Street, between Des Pins Avenue and Sherbrooke Street
§ Laurentien and Lachapelle Boulevards: completion of work and development of a new East-West cycling link
§ Saint-André Vélorue, between Cherrier Street and Laurier Avenue

Given the scope of the work to be done, special attention is given to site management, traffic and communications: Mobility Committee Montreal / MTQ, notice to traffic reporters, presence of liaison officers, Info -Works and Urban Mobility Management Center operating 24/7 are all means that are deployed. The City of Montreal has also set up a team entirely dedicated to operational coordination to ensure better integration of the various projects.

For more information on road and water projects, the public is invited to subscribe to the Twitter account @Mtl_Circulation, visit the website or the Info-travaux line at 514 872-3777.


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