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Allama Mashriqi’s Life & Message to Humanity

Allama Mashriqi

A Tribute on Mashriqi’s 58th Death Anniversary By Nasim Yousaf “[Translation] Those who aspire to become leaders must first part with all their worldly possessions in the name of God and then seek leadership.” — Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi Allama Mashriqi’s life (1888-1963) was a source of inspiration and guidance for the nation. For Mashriqi, his political career, glorious and ...

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Email Fleeting feet on the roads wheels are restless what kind of competition it is ?? No time to breathe only work and work no family , no relations , no festivals whats mine fault in it ??? its competition of Time its cut-throat competition © A POEM BY DR. RAM SHARMA ——————- Dr. Ram Sharma is an accomplished poet ...

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Fill Love in Your Eyes

Email by Dr. Ram Sharma Fill in your eyes the colour of life you will enjoy spring in the season of autumn you will enjoy the music of silence the poison of life will become nectar accept the fragrance of faith of everyone the world will look like a celebration Fill in your eyes the colour of life.              

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Swami Vivekananda

Email by Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma Uninvited and alone clad in saffron unconquerable will in the heart bubbling with undefinable wisdom and eternal love an Indian youth sailed for America to participate in the parliament of religions in Chicago to hynotise the audience with “My sisters and brothers of America” We bow to you, Oh! Epitome of Himalaya None can ...

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Email by Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma Great persons are waves that touch the tender hearts of people great persons are fragrant air to fill the atmosphere with serene fragrance great persons leave their footsteps on the way they pass they live not for themselves but for others they plant the tree of hope not for themselves but for all              

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Song of Flute

Email by Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma I want to become your flute, keep it on your lips, fulfill my age long wish, fill new life in it, sing a new song, I want to get new meaning, by this song of flute.              

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O! Divine Mother

Email by Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma O! Divine mother Bless me with your divine presence take me in your limitless lovable lap fill in me vast ocean of fragrant kindness nurture all positives I am safe in your lap O mother – O mother – O mother Divine!              

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Email © A POEM BY DR. RAM SHARMA, INDIA YOU twinkle in my memory like stars, You falls from my eyes in the shape of drops, You comes to me as unforgotten dream, You are string of invisible relationship, You have your presence on my life`s board, You are source of happiness and sadness, You are not here and there, ...

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