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Teams Smith & Birt added to the mix at PointsBet Invitational

August 24, 2022 – The fans have had their say and selected Team Greg Smith of Newfoundland & Labrador and Team Suzanne Birt of Prince Edward Island as the final two teams to compete at the inaugural PointsBet Invitational.Those two teams will join an established field of 30 at Willie O’Ree Place in Fredericton starting Sept. 21 for a chance to ...

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Zarraa Aasmaan ka – ज़र्रा आसमान का

अब किस तरह करें यक़ी बात हम में भी कुछ है कि एक दरिया होकर भी उसने ख़ुद को एक बूँद बताया है हम ने जताए हैं ज़माने से अपने क़िस्से मामूली से एक सितारा फ़लक का हुआ वो और ज़र्रा बताया है कैसे ना कह डाले ज़ुबान से जब रूबरू हो मेरे निगाहे शौक़ से उसने काम बेहतर चलाया ...

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Parc-Ex Turning into a Slum

No Garbage zone - Parc-Ex Turning into a Slum

A group of long time residents of Parc Extension are genuinenly concerned about health. They want to bring awareness how Parc-Ex is turning into a slum since the City has reduced garbage pick up in 2018 to once a week in order to divert recycling and compost away from landfills due to climate warming. Excessive Recycing Piled up – Parc-Ex Turning into ...

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