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A Guide to Manchester City Centre Apartments for Investors

A Guide to Manchester City Centre Apartments for Investors

Are you about to invest in an apartment in Manchester? Property investors stand to gain from investing in flats in the centre of the metropolis where the number of modern apartment blocks keeps on increasing.

While the city centre is always an attractive location for renters, capitalists are still supposed to consider the property condition and rental demand of the area.

The guide below will introduce you to the world of real estate investments.


When purchasing apartments in Manchester for the purpose of real estate investment, capitalists are supposed to consider the location. Choosing the centre of the city is undoubtedly the right decision given the boom the central part of Manchester has seen in the last two decades. There are numerous apartment blocks, rented by students, families, and young individuals looking for job opportunities. Visit this page to check out the population change Manchester has experienced since 1991.

In addition, the centre of Manchester provides residents with all types of amenities, transportation links, and entertainment options. Hence, the return on investment (ROI) should be larger than investing in an apartment in a less developed area. Nevertheless, you’re advised to be attentive when looking for the right apartment size. The flat should be spacious enough to have room for a home office, as well as have a terrace.

The attractiveness of the location plays a major role in the rent price. Keep in mind that students and young workers won’t agree to pay high rent prices, so make sure the price is affordable if targeting these groups of tenants.

Apartment age and condition

When investing in city centre apartments in Manchester, investors should get familiar with the age and condition of these properties. It’s of vital importance for capitalists to compare the age of the flat they plan to purchase with the age of the rest of the properties in the neighbourhood. Never invest in a flat that is either too old or too new compared to the surrounding estates.

The condition of the apartment is also crucial in the decision-making process. Nowadays, there is a large number of properties for sale in Manchester situated in the centre of the city. A professional inspection is essential in order for investors to be informed about the number of repairs necessary for the flat to be completely renovated. Don’t be tricked into investing a large sum of money into a flat that requires substantial repairs.

A Guide to Manchester City Centre Apartments for Investors - Rental demand

Rental demand

Rental remand is an indispensable factor to have in mind when investing in buy-to-let properties in Manchester. Fortunately, rental demand in this thriving city keeps on increasing owing to the great number of native and international students. Believe it or not, there are more than 100,000 students living in Manchester, 8,000 of which come from abroad.

Although this city is widely popular for rental price growth, exceeding that of the UK, you should still inspect the main factors affecting rental demand. For instance, you are supposed to check the vacancy rates in the central area, the number of rental units, and population growth.


Selecting the right tenants is significant in the process of investing in a city centre apartment in Manchester. The age, financial situation, and requirements of individuals should be considered in the choice of lessees. Understanding the pitfalls and benefits of letting a flat to different groups of people is vital in making the right decision.

For example, college students look for flats situated in areas where universities, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs are nearby. Although the turnover of lessees will be consistent, students are likely to cause property damage. Conversely, families are opposite in their requirements, looking for quiet neighbourhoods with parks, pools, and other family-friendly amenities.

In order to find the right lessees, a tenant reference check is highly recommended to landlords. These check-ups should include inspecting factors such as identity proof, financial situation, and credit score of applicants. The following link, https://homeguides.sfgate.com/check-tenant-references-8205.html, provides a useful explanation about checking tenant references.

The bottom line

When planning to invest in real estate in the UK, Manchester is the best choice of location.

It’s even considered a better option than the country’s capital!

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