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BIXI begins its 10th season and celebrates 10 years of bike sharing!

BIXI begins its 10th season and celebrates 10 years of bike sharing!

April 10, 2018, Montreal – The BIXIs will be back on April 10 at noon, marking the beginning of the 10th season of bike sharing in Montreal. The Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, kicked off this season with Éric Alan Caldwell, Executive Committee Member responsible for Planning, Transportation and the Public Advisory Office. from Montreal, Marianne Giguère, Associate Advisor on Sustainable Development and Active Transportation on the Executive Committee, and Marie Élaine Farley, Chair of the BIXI Montréal Board of Directors.

“It is with joy that we see the BIXI reappear in the streets of the city every spring. For a decade now, the BIXI have been getting Montrealers moving by allowing them to move efficiently, in a pleasant and environmentally friendly way. This popular bike-sharing service is just like our city: dynamic and innovative. The BIXI is more than ever a vital part of mobility in Montreal, “said Mayor Valérie Plante.


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“For the past 10 years, BIXI has been a symbol of an active, clean and sustainable city. Its popularity is well established. Year after year, BIXI shatters ridership records. This reflects the interest of citizens in active modes of transportation. I wish everyone a great 2018 season, “said Éric Alan Caldwell, member of the executive committee, responsible for urban planning, transportation and the Office de consultation publique de Montréal.

The popularity of BIXI has also encouraged the administration of Valérie Plante to think about the future of the service. “We want to continue to invest in bike sharing, in particular to make it accessible to the greatest number of citizens. In the coming years, more BIXIs will be offered in more Montréal boroughs, “said Marianne Giguère, Associate Councilor for Sustainable Development and Active Transportation on the Executive Committee.


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“Our bike-sharing system is a simple, fast and economical way to get to the heart of Montreal. In addition to being an integral part of the everyday life of Montrealers, BIXI is today a strong and admired organization that finds itself at the heart of Montréal’s identity. It is with great pride that we celebrate the 10th anniversary of BIXI Montréal and the official launch of the 10th season, “said Marie Élaine Farley, Chair of the BIXI Montréal Board of Directors.

In 2017, BIXI Montréal had a record year. More than 258,000 people made a grand total of 4.8 million trips and, for the first time in its history, BIXI recorded over half a million purchases, all types of subscriptions combined. This extraordinary success pushes us to go beyond and implement new initiatives that will make the service even more accessible.


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BIXI looking to the future
Among the new features this year is a new reduced rate of $ 2 per trip for students and seniors aged 65 and over registered on the BIXI platform and using the OPUS card. A new “BIXI à la 10” package including 10 one-way fare tickets at a great price of $ 25 will also be offered. A vast campaign, “Do not get bored, take BIXI! Will also get under way throughout the season. It will highlight the accessibility, efficiency and simplicity of the service.

Through constant innovation, BIXI also intends to keep moving forward with the goal of always improving the quality of the customer experience, while remaining a world leader in the bike sharing industry. In the coming months, two pilot projects will be set up to evaluate the installation of e-bikes and the commissioning of a new bicycle movement system called “BIXI-Bus”.


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10 years of bike sharing
Remember that the project to equip Montréal with a bike sharing system was created in 2007. Creative, dynamic and innovative, this project aimed to offer Montrealers a practical and environmentally friendly way of traveling and to democratize the use of cycling as a means of daily transportation.

At present, the BIXI service is offered in 11 boroughs of the City of Montreal as well as in the cities of Longueuil and Westmount. The network includes 6,250 bicycles and 540 stations in Montreal, as well as in Longueuil and Westmount.


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