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Bliss- An Apologue of Uncertain Passion

Bliss- An Apologue of Uncertain Passion

Bliss, a fascinating story was presented by ‘Candles Are For Burning’ from 5th-9th March at the Théâtre Aux Écuries. Bliss explores deeper, darker sides of human emotions; it’s a tale of disturbing scary obsessions. The play takes you through some powerful sketches reflecting apparently meaningless day to day lives of lower middle class people, their petty dreams and nightmares; above all their complicated route for an escape by sheer imagination of certain celebrity lifestyles. Bliss is a story of revenge; it tells you, perhaps in the crudest way, what power means to powerless. Through an informal conversation between three walmart employees; extremely well portrayed by Jean-Robert Bourdage (Manager), Trent Pardy (Display Assistant) and France Rolland (Cosmetic salesperson), the extent of exploitation on the ground of humanity slowly gets disentangled. Delphine Bienvenu does a brilliant job as Oracle and makes you bleed together. Originally written by Oliver Choiniere; Caryl Churchill has translated it quite commendably and finally Director Steven McCarthy blends it perfectly to come up with a deliberately rough storyline. Bliss might not be up for everyone’s taste but it certainly creates a place for itself with an intriguing sharpness.

by Indrani Bhattacharyya, Bharat Times Journal, March 2013, front cover

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