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Kavya Geet Sammelan (DDO)

Kavya Geet Sammelan hosted by Hindu Mandir (DDO) in collaboration with Bharat Times Canada on June 19, 2022

Hindu temple in Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Quebec in collaboration with Bharat Times Canada (Mtl) hosts Kavya Geet Sammelan Special guest Sapana Ahsaas (Delhi, India) June 19, 2022 6pm sharp at 50 Kesmark, DDO H9B 3K4 Local Canadian Poet/Poetess/Singer Guests from Greater Montreal, Ottawa and Cornwall: Bharti Kumar (Ottawa) Shobna Sharma (Ottawa Harjinder Singh Pattar (Montreal) Rashmi Sinha (Ottawa) Surangama (Montreal) Sanjeev ...

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Email by Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma Great persons are waves that touch the tender hearts of people great persons are fragrant air to fill the atmosphere with serene fragrance great persons leave their footsteps on the way they pass they live not for themselves but for others they plant the tree of hope not for themselves but for all               

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Unmask Your Talent at Bharat Times & Poetry Reading

Farewell / Alvida - Bharat Times Poetry Reading 2021 Online - Dec 5, 2021

Bharat Times is hosting poetry readings as well as talents on zoom since the start of 2021. They are open to everyone, recorded and posted on Bharat Times Youtube channel. If you are interested, keep undated for the upcoming event by joining the whatsapp group – Unmask Your Talent by BT – or contact Bharat Times. The program is in ...

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Arjeeyan / अर्जियां

Arjeeyan sab Chere pe gad laya hoon Tu khud hi pad le Meri kaya Par  Kya kya likha laya hoon Ik teri ibaadat Aur inayat Kama laya hoon Arjeeyan sab Ik hi jhatke mein Mita aya hoon Kya mangu tujh se Jo tu ne hi to Hai mujhe banaya Apna aap mita kar Phir tuj ko hi hai paya Arjeeyan sab ...

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Alone he came  And alone he shall finally go When the time is ripe Leaving behind every stride Measure not then  But now in the flight For alone he came And alone he shall take the final flight… a poem by Manjit Singh, Ph: 613-440-4166 email: raj_ma_si@hotmail.com               

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Indo-Canadian Musician Features legendary Indian Poet Kabeer Das in Her New Studio Recording…

Indo-Canadian Musician Features legendary Indian Poet Kabeer Das in Her New Studio Recording...

Mississauga, ON, Canada Having stirred the masses and critics alike with her internationally acclaimed award winning debut album ‘Meera – The Lover’ featuring her original compositions of legendary 16th century Indian poet-queen Meera Bai, popular Mississauga singer-songwriter Vandana Vishwas has now turned to the poetry of a 15th century great Indian Seer-Thinker-Poet – Kabeer Das, for her new studio release. Kabeer Das, ...

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Lead me towards light

Email POEM BY DR. RAM SHARMA When the darkness of self engulfs bitterness spreads like virus let the moon of peace shine amidst stars always crave for selfless fragrant rose which fill the firmamemt with selfless sacrifice lets lit the lamp of love lead me towards light.               

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Email ONE TRUTH BY DR. RAM SHARMA , MEERUT , INDIA One truth To make familiar of unfamiliar One work To move the cycle of change One effort To steal the brightness of a pearl One illusion To show friendship by faces One question To unmask the faces One truth To drink the poison of naked life.               

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Email HAPPINESS IS WITHIN YOU Why you run here and there in search of it It lies within you Don`t be a musk to smell it here and there it is in your navel do not make it a chain of damsel to search here and there Happiness is within you.               

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Email YOUR LAUGHTER POEM BY dr. ram sharma Your laughter, a blossoming bud, eyes like peacock, vivacious, sweet your laughter, what are the feelings, on your faces, your laughter, like a melodious rain, creates sensations in the heart, your laughter benumbs the eyes i pray, you carry on laughing.               

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