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MP Eric Duncan hosts community Picnic in St. Andrews West

August 28, 2022, Cornwall – What a great turnout for the community picnic! MP Eric Duncan welcomed the community with great food and music under the tents at the Catholic Church Park Area. A great way to mingle with the policy influencers. Eric Duncan is the Member of Parliament (Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry).               

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Media Accreditation now open for 2022 PointsBet Invitational

Canada’s biggest curling event of the season so far – the 2022 PointsBet Invitational – is set to start on Wednesday at Willie O’Ree Place in Fredericton.The inaugural event is bringing 32 of curling’s best Canadian teams – 16 men’s and 16 women’s – to Atlantic Canada for an all-or-nothing March Madness-style single-knockout bracket.  The 16 teams in each gender comprise the ...

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2023 Curling Cares Fundraising Calendar packed with some of curling’s biggest names

2023 Curling Cares Fundraising Calendar

Autumn means a lot of things to curling fans. Curlers retrieve brooms from the back of the closet, sheets of ice are pebbled, and the anticipation of who will be in the upcoming curling calendar begins. Curling Canada and TheCommunityFundraiser.com are pleased to give curling fans an exclusive teaser of some athletes featured in the 2023 Curling Cares Fundraising Calendar. “TheCommunityFundraiser.com is ...

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Teams Smith & Birt added to the mix at PointsBet Invitational

August 24, 2022 – The fans have had their say and selected Team Greg Smith of Newfoundland & Labrador and Team Suzanne Birt of Prince Edward Island as the final two teams to compete at the inaugural PointsBet Invitational.Those two teams will join an established field of 30 at Willie O’Ree Place in Fredericton starting Sept. 21 for a chance to ...

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Zarraa Aasmaan ka – ज़र्रा आसमान का

अब किस तरह करें यक़ी बात हम में भी कुछ है कि एक दरिया होकर भी उसने ख़ुद को एक बूँद बताया है हम ने जताए हैं ज़माने से अपने क़िस्से मामूली से एक सितारा फ़लक का हुआ वो और ज़र्रा बताया है कैसे ना कह डाले ज़ुबान से जब रूबरू हो मेरे निगाहे शौक़ से उसने काम बेहतर चलाया ...

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Parc-Ex Turning into a Slum

No Garbage zone - Parc-Ex Turning into a Slum

A group of long time residents of Parc Extension are genuinenly concerned about health. They want to bring awareness how Parc-Ex is turning into a slum since the City has reduced garbage pick up in 2018 to once a week in order to divert recycling and compost away from landfills due to climate warming. Excessive Recycing Piled up – Parc-Ex Turning into ...

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Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality (Chakra Samhita)

Kundalini-The_Serpent_Power-Throug_ the_Lenses_of-Science,on_the_Wings_of_Spirituality_(Chakra_Samhita)

Article 3 – Kundalini ✒ Jitendra Patwari After understanding the concept of Aura through the previous 2 articles, let us now be aware of one more related concept. That concept is, ‘Kundalini’, known as ‘Serpentine Power’, in other words.   Sanskrit, a rich ancient Indo-Aryan language, contains the treasure of Eastern spiritual heritage like Vedas etc. This language contains the word ...

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Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality (Chakra Samhita) – 4

Kundalini Awakening Experiences - Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality (Chakra Samhita) - 4 Kundalini by Jitendra Patwari

Kundalini continued from last issue… Misconceptions The awareness amongst people is inadequate of the vital ‘Kundalini’ concept. Furthermore, even the people with awareness of this concept, have multiple misconceptions. Better to have a reality check of some common misconceptions. Misconception V/S Reality Kundalini is a hypothetical concept Profuse research is available on this subject; millions of people have passed through ...

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