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An Interview with Dinuk Wijeratne

Dinuk Wijeratne, A Piano Player, Music Composer & A Music Director Performing at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Thursday, November 28 at 11am and at 6pm

A Piano Player, Music Composer & A Music Director It was a pleasure to talk to Dinuk Wijeratne, a JUNO award-winning composer, conductor and a pianist, who has composed for a lot of artists and ensembles around the world. His music reflects the international influences he has embraced in his life. His music is enthralling and amazing mix of worldly ...

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5 Day Travel to Rajasthan

Mehrangarh fort, Photo by Tina_OO, CC0 1.0 - 5 Day Travel to Rajasthan – The Noteworthy Land of Kings in India by Rohit Agarwal

The Noteworthy Land of Kings in India Rajasthan as many people know it is the land of kings. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations all over India and each year it witnesses people in huge numbers willing to get a deep understanding of the ancient culture and traditions of India. Called as ‘Rajputana’ in the historical times, ...

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Europe takes early lead over Canada at OK Tire & BKT Tires Continental Cup

January 9, 2020, LONDON, Ont. — Team Europe found a way to hammer Team Canada during opening-day action at the OK Tire & BKT Tires Continental Cup, presented by Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Europe’s mantra? When you’re given the hammer to start the game, keep banging. Team Europe started all three games with hammer and were sure ...

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What to do at Home during COVID-19

by Aumsan Siva Subramaniam  During the virus epidemic everyone has to stay home. You can only do so much at home, so I don’t know about you but I am bored out of my mind. I can’t even go outside for long to get some fresh air these days.   Here are some fun ways to enjoy staying at home. ...

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Bharat Times Journal – Bharat Times April 17, 2020

Bharat Times Journal April 17, 2020

Bharat Times Journal – April 17, 2020 Bharat Times April 17, 2020 (in print, 8 pages) [sam_ad id=”45″ codes=”true”] [sam_ad id=”43″ codes=”true”] [sam_ad id=”31″ codes=”true”] [sam_ad id=”42″ codes=”true”] [sam_ad id=”10″ codes=”true”] [sam_ad id=”2″ codes=”true”] [sam_ad id=”21″ codes=”true”] [sam_ad id=”20″ codes=”true”] [sam_ad id=”2″ codes=”true”]               

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Anavar (Oxandrolone) for Sale – Everything You Must Know Before Purchase

Controlled Use Is a Key - Anavar (Oxandrolone) for Sale – Everything You Must Know Before Purchase

People that want to lose weight or to gain control over their strength and stamina levels tend to use various supplements. These nutritional additives should help them achieve their goals faster. Yet, not all of them will provide them with the wanted results. Thus, choosing the right steroid is of the utmost importance. Oxandrolone is probably the best choice when ...

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How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

CBD Oil - How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

You have probably heard a lot of controversy surrounding CBD oil. There are a lot of articles that claim that CBD oil has absolutely no health benefits, and there are some that claim that it does. Naturally, you wouldn’t know what to believe. If you want to use the oil for your pet but are afraid of what it might ...

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Matron Fraser and the Llandovery Castle

TODAY WE REMEMBER THE SINKING OF THE HMHS LLANDOVERY CASTLE JUNE 27, 2020 Today – Mr. Stéphane Ouellette, President and Chief Executive Officer, Merchant Navy Commemorative Theme Project (MNCTP), joined the Royal Canadian Medical Service Association, Valour Canada, and the Canadian Opera Team, in remembering the tragic sinking of His Majesty’s Hospital Ship (HMHS) Llandovery Castle. “In following our mission ...

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