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Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality (Chakra Samhita)

Kundalini-The_Serpent_Power-Throug_ the_Lenses_of-Science,on_the_Wings_of_Spirituality_(Chakra_Samhita)

Article 3 – Kundalini ✒ Jitendra Patwari After understanding the concept of Aura through the previous 2 articles, let us now be aware of one more related concept. That concept is, ‘Kundalini’, known as ‘Serpentine Power’, in other words.   Sanskrit, a rich ancient Indo-Aryan language, contains the treasure of Eastern spiritual heritage like Vedas etc. This language contains the word ...

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Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality – 2

H.H. Shri Shivkrupanand Swami ji (This photograph has been taken at England during 2016.) copyright - Jitendra Patwari

(published in Bharat Times May 20, 2022 issue on p. 7, continued from last issue…) Aura ✒ Jitendra Patwari Let’s have a quick recap of the first article. Aura, Kundalini, Nadi, and the 7 Chakras are all intertwined in everyone’s livesUnderstanding Aura and Kirlian photography, as well as how to apply themEach person’s aura is unique. To comprehend this phenomenon, ...

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Kavya Geet Sammelan (DDO)

Kavya Geet Sammelan hosted by Hindu Mandir (DDO) in collaboration with Bharat Times Canada on June 19, 2022

Hindu temple in Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Quebec in collaboration with Bharat Times Canada (Mtl) hosts Kavya Geet Sammelan Special guest Sapana Ahsaas (Delhi, India) June 19, 2022 6pm sharp at 50 Kesmark, DDO H9B 3K4 Local Canadian Poet/Poetess/Singer Guests from Greater Montreal, Ottawa and Cornwall: Bharti Kumar (Ottawa) Shobna Sharma (Ottawa Harjinder Singh Pattar (Montreal) Rashmi Sinha (Ottawa) Surangama (Montreal) Sanjeev ...

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BT Transnational Webinar Series 2021

Importance of Breathing - Breathing & Yog - Bharat Times Transnational Webinars Series - 9 - November 20, 2021

(Updated weekly to include the upcoming webinar) Bharat Times will be hosting weekly Webinar Series across the globe. Dr. Ram Sharma, Associate Professor and the Head of the Department of English at J. V. College, UP, India will be hosting the event along with Dr. Monika Spolia, chief editor and founder publisher of Bharat Times Canada. Upcoming Webinar – Everyone ...

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