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The City invests $ 20 million for upgrading of its aquatic facilities

The City invests $ 20 million for upgrading
of its aquatic facilities

April 11, 2018, Montreal – At its weekly meeting, the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal adopted a draft bylaw authorizing a loan of $ 20 million to finance the Borough support program for upgrading aquatic facilities. . Priority will be given to upgrading fill-empty paddling pools (not equipped with filtration systems) or converting them into water games. Funding for this program will help maintain and improve the offer of sports and physical activities.

“The development of several aquatic installations in the Montreal network must be adjusted to contemporary recreational and sports practices. The quality of life of Montrealers rests on many aspects, including having access to inviting, nearby and accessible sports facilities. Renovation investments are essential to maintain and improve service offerings and make municipal sports facilities safer, more efficient and more appealing to users, “commented Rosannie Filato, Executive Committee member responsible for social and community development, homelessness, youth, women’s status, sports and recreation.


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The budget allocated to the program for the 2018-2020 period will make it possible, among other things, to continue to upgrade the fill-empty paddling pools that do not have a filtration system, as well as the renovations to the Henri-Bourassa swimming pool and of the Calixa-Lavallée pool of the Pointe-de-l’Île school board (CSPI), which will receive financial support from the City of $ 4.2 million.

The CSPI and the borough of Montréal-Nord are currently working on the planning of the various works at the Henri-Bourassa swimming pool, ie the demolition of the existing structures on the site, the upgrading of the pool with optimized windows, the development of an open lobby on Henri-Bourassa Park, a water play area and a wading pool, as well as landscaping, sidewalks, ramps, stairs, and lighting.


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The City of Montreal has various planning tools that provide a common vision and direction for the development of physical activity and sports. The “Upgrading” component of the Montreal Aquatic Program (MAP) aims to keep municipal water facilities in good condition and to make them attractive in order to ensure a quality service to citizens. It was created to meet the needs of Montreal’s aquatic equipment network, which is aging rapidly.

In 2013, the City of Montreal adopted an Aquatic Intervention Plan (2013-2025). It presents the objectives, commitments and actions that will enable the City to move towards a multi-faceted Montréal water network, for the benefit of all Montrealers. This Response Plan and the documents related to it are available online at: ville.montreal.qc.ca/sports (in Declarations and Plans).


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