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Cyber Frauds – Don’t be personal on Facebook !

Cyber Frauds – Don’t be personal on Facebook !

ज़रा बच के यार, देखा नहीं यह फेसबुक पर क्या हो रहा है ?
फ्रॉड की नानी यानि की कोल्लेक्टेर्स तलाश कर रहे हैं खानदान को
फेसबुक के ज़रिये उधार चुकता करने के लिए !
Beware of Cyber Frauds Online !

Beware of Fraud on Facebook.
Just don’t go too personal on it. It’s a social network, not your emotional drain pipe or a commotion support group.

Here is how to handle the problem whether in Mumbai or Canada:

” Recovery agents harass defaulter’s kin on Facebook ”

Mumbai: Make sure you do a background check of your family members before you
add them on your family tree on any social networking site.

Recently, a Hyderabad-based couple paid a heavy price for showing up on the Facebook profile of one of their cousins, who is reportedly in a dispute with recovery agents from a Mumbai-based firm. The couple alleged that the agents have been threatening to send objectionable e-mails to their Facebook friends, if they do not give out the contact details of the cousin.

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Persistent calls
“We have nothing to do with that loan. All this harassment is to get the number of
one of our cousins, Supriya, on whose profile my wife is listed as a member in the family tree. They retrieved our numbers from Supriya’s account and have been harassing her by making at least 300 calls a day. They have threatened to send objectionable e-mails to our friends if we do not cooperate,” said Y Ravi Shankar owner of a software firm, Net Source Softek Pvt Ltd in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.
According to Shankar, the trauma began after his wife received the first call on August
26. The caller refused to identify himself and, speaking in Kannada and Hindi, demanded to know Supriya’s number.

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“He first called my wife. When she started ignoring the calls, he began harassing me.
They have made it difficult for me to focus on work,” Shankar alleged, adding, “Why
should we give out someone’s number to an unidentified caller?”

“When my wife confronted the caller, he turned more aggressive and threatened that
he would hack into my wife’s profile and send unseemly messages to her friends. All the rude calls have been traumatic for my wife who has now switched off her cell phone. She has not been responding to any of her personal or professional calls,” Shankar added.

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A harried Shankar approached the SR Nagar police station in Hyderabad on Sunday
morning, seeking action against Shaha Finlease Private Ltd based in Powai.

It will be nice to share some cyber fraud experiences. They are a good laugh as well as provide prevention measures. So, send your cyber fraud experience at bharattimes@citpinc.ca
(Please put Attn: Cyber Fraud in the subject line.)

Until then…

(originally published in Bharat Times – September 2011 issue)

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