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Cyber Frauds – Are you on Facebook!

Cyber Frauds – Are you on Facebook!

बाबू जी जरा बच के…
बड़े बड़े शहरों में ऐसा भी होता है।
Beware of Cyber Frauds Online !

           Yes, it is time to get out and get some fresh air. And I mean fresh air and not getting fresh with some virtual toys.
Do you use facebook? Hey, I use facebook and so do many millions… billions…may be zillion others. It’s alright. Just sit tight and sappy at your desk in your pajamas drinking coffee while lost in this virtual blunder of typo communication.
But don’t be too lost.

Here is some information gathered from other articles published :
According to Wired, a new online dating site launched using 250,000 profiles stolen
from Facebook without permission.
The locations of the users whose Facebook profiles were compromised are not
known but Canadians with public profiles may be potential victims.
According to a 2009 study from Tourism Keys, as many as 42% of Canadians are
believed to have accounts with Facebook. And as Facebook continues to grow, the percentage of Canadian users could easily have followed suit within the past 14 months.

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Precautions – don’t make a public profile. If you do have this desire for public eye,
just go shopping, go walking, jogging, attend a church, or there are many many and
many more things to do. So, do it.
Facebook is not just a book of faces to entertain yourself with. A lot of personal information that is shared on facebook is stolen and refurbished for dating sites and even porno sites.
Anything is good, however, within reason only. So, pick up a book. Turn on TV.
Watch a movie in cinema. Have a tea party. Go for a walk. Visit a museum. Go to church.
Get a dog. Or get an iguana.
Better yet. Pick up a copy of Bharat Times. Read it, enjoy it. participate in it. Send
in pictures, articles, stories, puzzles. Seriously, sky is the limit. Within reason.

It will be nice to share some fraud experiences. They are a good laugh as well as provide prevention measures. So, send your fraud experience at bharattimes@citpinc.ca
(Please mention Attn: Cyber Frauds in the subject line.).

Until then…

(originally published in Bharat Times – February 2011 issue)

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