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  • Bal Vikas 2016 Year End Celebration

  • Mr. Shyam & Mrs. Chandrika Bhat

  • Bal Vikas 2016 Year End Celebration.

  • Bal Vikas, Year 2016 Celebration

  • Bal Vikas, Year 2016 Celebration.

  • Bal Vikas Year End Celebrations 2016

Bal Vikas 2016 Year End Celebration

Bal Vikas 2016 Year End Celebration

          Bal Vikas 2016 year end was celebrated with great success at Hindu Mandir (DDO). Students of Bal Vikas performed bhajans, dances and small plays.

          Mrs. Chandrika Bhat and Mr. Shyam bhat are now retiring after 40+ years of volunteer service and creation of the Bal Vikas Education in Human Values school.

          They worked tirelessly at building the school and recently on setting up the structure and teachers etc. so this school will have a life beyond their direct input. Even now while retired, they will remain available for any support needed by students and for other classes such as Geeta Path. Mr. Shyam Bhat extended to an adult wing several years ago which will continue with the collborative efforts of Mrs. Bhat.

          Bal Vikas is not the only service offered by them, they also run Meal on Wheels for poor people, go tree planting and engage in such activities. They have received many awards from various levels of governments and the local community.

          Watch this interview in which Mrs. & Mr. Bhat talk to Bharat Times’ Editor, about their self-less social services to the Quebecois and Canadian community for over 50 years. They have only technically retired but still maintain the giving spirit. God bless them!

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