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Fundraiser and Toy Drive by Bharat Times & The Little Angels

Bharat Times 2014 Annual Banquet

“Hope and Cope” Fundraiser and Toy Drive
at Dollar Cinema, Montreal by
Bharat Times & The Little Angels Society ROCS

Montreal, November 26, 2014 – Quite elegantly decorated Dollar Cinema of Montreal was booming with the holiday spirit as people dropped by to participate in raising funds for the “Hope and Cope” (Centre for individuals recovering from cancer) and Montreal Children. This fundraiser was organized by Bharat Times in collaboration with The Little Angels Society ROCS coinciding with the two popular events – Bharat Times Annual Banquet 2014 and Celebrating with the Little Angels 21 Sports Celebrities, saluting Larry Walker and the other great ones.

Dr. April Collins, the National Director for The Little Angels ROCS, and Dr. Monika Spolia, Chief Editor of Bharat Times, welcomed the audience and lit the lamp. Ms. Nahka Bertrand with her sweet son Louan Bertrand adorned in little wings and Ms. Anik Sioui from The Odaya Singers, representing the First Nations, sang as they got the enthusiastic crowd to participate in a friendship dance around the corridor. They also sang in praise of Chief Elijah Harper who spear headed, Idle No More.
Several writers and poets took part in the Bharat Times Banquet event – Dr. Stephen Gill (see his interview at http://youtu.be/gcqCPeJ4bj0), Ms. Veena Gokhale, Dr. Monika Spolia, Mr. Manes Liautaud, Mr. Jayant Gala, Dr. April Collins, Mr. Arshad Ali Randhawa, Mr. Jalal Hussain and more. Several interesting books were showcased. Ms. Veena Gokhale presented her book, ‘Bombay Wali’ (see her interview at http://youtu.be/WT2F4aVgFRg). Dr. Monika Spolia read her recent poetry with great spirit.

Fundraiser and Toy Drive by Bharat Times & The Little Angels…

Bharat Times presented the Writer of the Year Award in Journalism to the dedicated Mr. Jayant Gala for his regular thought provoking column in Bharat Times under editorial, and the Author of the Year Award to Mr. Manes Liautaud for his book entitled “Manes’ Tales & Thrillers: A book of captivating short stories” – this book has thirty-five short stories; six sequels; twenty-nine different themes, with barely any similarities apart perhaps from a recurring catchy fast paced style immersing you into a vivid world where action and events seem to happen and unravel right before your eyes, often before you know it. Visit http://www.amazon.ca/dp/148013547X to purchase the book.
Dr. Collins presented the Little Angels Society 2015 Carey Ashton Sports Awards-trophy to the N.D.G. Cougars, Carey Ashton who was once the McGill Redbirds & NDG Lynx Baseball coach (Montreal). This beautiful 6 feet gold trophy, named after the Ashton for symbolizing the true meaning of determination and courage. Coach Ashton was once a full time little league coach who volunteered for 15 years leading 6 teams to regional championships as a head coach. He also won the Coveted Chunky Most Valuable Coach Title. Stricken with debilitating muscular dystrophy the once McGill Redmans Bench Coach pours his all into the N.D.G. games. The coach will decide, each year, which player will receive the Carey Ashton Award based on sportsmanship community services and personality.
The medal recipients were the coaches who were present at St. Patrick’s 2014 parade – Frank Martinez (Head coach and Manager), Rafael Zapata (3rd base coach and hitting coach), and Livin Vargas (Pitching coach and bench coach) – and the players who took part in the St. Patrick’s parade – Jonathan Zapata, Tristan Vargas, Chipper Goodman, Antonio Barrafato, Jon Andrew Alexandridis, Kevin Griffin, Gabriel Martinez-Aguilar, Brandon Hernandez-Perez. A big Thank-you to the team members. Sports help prevent cancer and such activities should be encouraged for our youth. Don’t forget the sunscreen.
She then, on behalf of the Angels, presented the Outstanding Community Award for promoting Peace and Health through Service to – Muciiri Family for outreach to children in Kenya, Mr. Bernie Gurburgh (2011 – Owner and Manager of Dollar Cinema & a proud sponsor of “Hope and Cope”), Wilson family (2012 – for community music rock Fests and food outreach for kids as well as critters care for hospital pet therapy), Dr. B. Chauhan from Sainte-Justine Research Centre for his dedication to child asthma prevention (2013), Mr. Beryl Wajsman (2014 – Editor of Suburban), Mr. C. B. Singh (2014 – President of India Canada Association of Montreal), and SPVM Post 33 Chief Commander Mario Frappier (2014) who was present with Sergeant Guillaume Thederge. Commander Frappier and Sergeant Thederge received recognitions for their noted outreach to improving important family sports in Parc-Extention. Saluting our great heroes, The Little Angels members, with our deepest gratitude, express a sincere thank you for their involvement with sports in the park. Indeed, the Canadian Police is different from others. Through eighteen months of sports program, the police are trying to be instrumental in giving children a better life by investing in the youth.
“We salute you for your hard work, commitment, and service to those you daily serve. Through abundance of difficulties and challenges, you work together as a positive team. We thank you and your families for your dedication,” commented the SPVM Parc-Extension Police Chief Commander Mario Frappier. Parc Extension is the most diverse populated area of Canada, harbouring more than 70 ethnic groups.
Beyond and above service – Franco Famularo, The Secretary General for Universal Peace Federation, Montreal District and Serge Brosseau were recognized for their dedication to do good for others – Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you, A lifetime philosophy for understanding peace and unity.
The Little Angels Society Writers and Publishing Award for promoting Peace and Health through Education was proudly and deservingly presented to creative Manes Liautaud (2014) and dedicated Dr. Monika Spolia (2014) who daily spend long hours, promoting peace through writings. She is an admirer and follower of Gandhism and has written a book entitled “Peace through Violence or Non-Violence?: A Solution to World’s Major Conflicts: Re-Exploring Gandhian Philosophy”. Visit http://www.amazon.ca/dp/1481926721 to purchase. It makes a perfect gift for an excellent price under $25.00.
The Little Angels Aboriginal Outreach anonymously donated Humanitarian Spirit Award for Peace Health Healing – Elijah Harper Award ‘Idle No More'(Elijah Harper Oji – Cree. March 3, 1949 – May 17, 2013) – was presented by Dr. Collins to the Odaya Singers (2014 – Anik Sioui and Nahka Bertrand). The beautiful trophy is strong and brown in colour like the Earth with an Eagle and the Chiefs image shown holding two eagle feathers. The Odaya singers will have the honour of choosing and presenting this meaningful trophy each year for Indigenous and Human Rights.
Over 50 prizes including books were handed out amongst audience. The Little Angels ROCS recognized Giovana Pepin for an outstanding joyful volunteer.
Bharat Times presented the Poetry Reading Recognition certificates to the participating poets – Dr. Stephen Gill, Mr. Arshad Ali Randhawa, Mr. John Linden, Dr. April Collins, Mr. Jayant Gala, Dr. Monika Spolia, Mr. Mehmoodul Haque, Mrs. Tabassum Anwar, Mr. Arshad Naem Khan, Mrs. Bala Sharma, Mr. Rashid Shah, Mr. Barkat Hashmi, Mr. Akram Bhatt and Mr. Mir Sahib. This Bharat Times Poetry Reading Series was hosted on September 28, 2014 in English, Hindi and Urdu. The semi-annual Bharat Times Poetry Reading Series will honour the poets and writers by publishing their works in an anthology at the end of each year. The first publication will be out at the end of 2015.
The Bharat Times Peace Poetry Contest Prizes are postponed till June 2015 due to minimal participation.
The Little Angels talented guitarist Mars Trinity and the beautiful and songster Bree entertained the crowd with guitar and nice melodious songs. Master Sarv Nathan Spolia Liautaud, the younger Musician for Hope and cope, did his famous rendition of a rock star that was enjoyed by all. The guests enjoyed the fresh, hot and bountiful Indian dinner. Much of the food had been carefully home cooked by Dr. Monika Spolia.
Bharat Times and The Little Angels ROCS thank the many volunteers who put in endless exhausting hours and all the guests who attended the event and helped the ‘Hope and Cope’ (Centre for individuals recovering from cancer) & Montreal Children Toy Drive. A special thanks goes to Dr. Dragosh, MD and family and to Dr. B. Chauhan for his advice on the donation of children’s toys to be new interesting and fun. Sarah Lerner and Neihim of McGill and Montreal University, you will always be remembered for your outstanding music efforts. Hats off to the awesome and creative web designer Chantelle April, Shirley the knitter and the knitters of St. Augustine. The marvellous musicians of our fundraising team – Vasu Seshadri, Michel Rien, Jason Lipstein, Dan Hartal alias Schmelvis and the artist called Blue Musician. Thanks to Paul Groguen our popular M.C. Here’s to the musicians – Onessa, Crawdaddy, Rasout and the Usual Suspects. Last but not least, thanks to the Montreal Irish Society and to the support of The Ambassador Of Ireland and his family.
Dr. April extends her appreciation to all the medical staff, from nurses and receptionists to the Canadian Medical Doctors. Bravo to the students, who every three years, earn the Drs. Seven and Dr. B. Bahoric Scholarship award, University of Calgary. Thanks to Lisa King for her one of a kind, beautiful bed throws and sets, top quality merchandise, 100 percent of the proceeds for cancer research and support.
“Thank you, Dr. Spolia for your generous personality and spirit of happiness. I enjoyed working together with you. And Congratulations to all the writers and poets,” said Dr. April, FSWC.
Wishing A Great Holiday Season to you and your loved ones.
We encourage the readers to send direct donations to Jewish General Hospital, 3755 Cote-St-Catherine Rd., Room E730.1, Montreal, QC, H3T 1E2 (Tel: 514-340-8222). Make the donation payable to ‘Hope and Cope’.


by Ken Rowley

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