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An Interview with Hon. Maxime Bernier

An Interview with Hon. Maxime Bernier

An Interview with Hon. Maxime Bernier

Montreal, February 21, 2017 – I had the pleasure of chatting with Hon. Maxime Bernier as he was visiting Montreal to address audience at The Palace Laval.

Mr. Maxime Bernier is a businessman, a lawyer and a politician since 2006. He is currently serving as the Member of Parliament for the riding of Beauce in Quebec. Bernier has been elected four times with a majority of the vote in his riding. During his time in politics, he served as the Minister of Industry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism, and Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism and Agriculture in the cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He is now the Official Opposition Critic for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development.

Click on the play button below to listen to the complete interview.

Some highlights from the Interview are below.  

Monika – What step you will take to enhance small businesses in Quebec and in Canada?

Hon. Maxime Bernier – I am in favour of helping especially small businesses by cutting the corporate welfare, reducing income tax and sales tax and saving on the overheads.

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Monika – Canada is built on immigration. It seems that the national debates are no more so much about the immigrant issues of Canadians who are already participating immigrant in building Canada but the issues are overshadowed by something else altogether mostly by the ultra Liberal radical activists. The untouched immigrant issues remain, such as diploma and degree recognition from other countries, jobs according to one’s education, job security, being profiled for government jobs even for second, third generation Canadians etc. In the light of these immigrant issues, what are your views on Canadian egalitarianism and immigrant issues?

Hon. Maxime Bernier – We definitely need to speed up the process of degree/diploma recognition not only from abroad but also within different provinces of Canada.

Monika – In regards to India-Canada ongoing negotiations on free trade, when are they supposed to be finished to finally start the free trade?

Hon. Maxime Bernier – Yes, the negotiations have been going on for quite a while. Hopefully, they will be over soon. I support free trade and am looking forward to it.

Dr. Monika Spolia

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