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Notable Issue for Canadian Voters of 2015 is Peace and Security

Notable Issue for Canadian Voters of 2015 is Peace and Security

No matter how one looks at the typography of Canadian election of 2015, the pivotal issue is peace. The other issues, including niquab, hijab, job, taxes, health, and education are closely tied with peace, and peace can be easily jeopardized by a handful of wrong asylum seekers who may demand the imposition of their own laws and ways which they were supposed to leave behind. This demand has been made not long ago and is being made even today though at a much smaller scale.
Being a self-exiled poet and novelist, the enormous distress of the asylum seekers touch me deeply as it has been touching the nerve of the proverbial compassion of a vast majority of Canadians. Some politicians assure the electorate again and again that they would double the number of newcomers to Canada if their party came to power. It sounds as if these politicians are either after power by any means or are ignorant of the dangers associated with the ghettoes formed by certain newcomers who believe in forming them. There are no-go zones in England, France and some other countries of Europe. The melodrama from these no-go zones is being played on the open stage of today. Canadian electorate of 2015 is divided on the question of asylum seekers particularly from the troubled area ruled by despots and the areas where these despots have been wiped out have now the magnitude of chaos and violence that cannot be fathomed in words.
Activities in the ghettoes may create more problems related to safety and safety affects every corner of life. The politicians who promise to double the number of acceptance of
asylum seekers have not discussed their devices to distinguish between the genuine and fake asylum seekers. Under the fogs of suspicion, electors need caution to activate their proverbial compassion. It is not surprising that there are several non-Christian countries who claim to be compassionate. They have money and resources to help the followers of their Faith. Yet, they do not want to have anything to do with them, as they never did, because of the possibilities of infiltrators or the possibilities of other nature. Some political figures do not seem to be much concerned about infiltrators, though they are dimly aware that they are likely to impose their lifestyle, causing unnecessary tension in the social, political and economic spheres of Canada. Some may argue that the situations of chaos and violence are most unlikely to take place in Canada, though they know that Germans also thought the same way about Nazis in their initial stages.
Unprecedented exodus of asylum seekers have failed to melt the hearts of the most non-Western nations. They have left it to the hearts of the nations of the cross to be melted. These nations of the cross face domestic problems also because of some wrong persons who were accepted in the past. It has been pointed out that around two percent of these asylum seekers consists of infiltrators. Some individuals have indicated their number more than two percent. Infiltrators even much less than one percent will cause enough damages to prompt the government for more road blocks, metal detectors, bomb sniffing dogs and fresh looks at newcomers. Eerie paths of the pleasures of wrong asylum seekers would shape public opinions to accept unhappily surveillance cameras and electronic screening. The relentless pursuits of the maniac messiahs to grab the crown of chaos would promote quick deportations and wiretapping, because of their hostile feuds with human rights. They would force regimes to be drastic to extend easy arrests. I have warned in my modern epic the Flame and in my novel The Coexistence that “in the plutonium trade smuggles are more likely by these dukes of fruitless longing. In the windowless cells of anarchistic gospel they prepare terror with the weeds of ignorance on the fire of savagery in their pots sooted with conceit. Such measure will destroy peace in every way, increasing taxes drastically to meet the growing expenses of governments, and making life of every citizen unimaginably miserable. Is Canada ready for this is a question?
I have always supported multiculturalism and the policies based on enlightened compassion. The policies which go too far to embrace multiculturalism pave paths to convert any oasis of peace into a wilderness of fear and chaos. Some of these new Canadians from the nations of diametrically opposed values hold two passports. Obviously they have divided loyalties. Maniac messiahs which I have illustrated in my epical poem The Flame (Vesta, 2008) are on the increase in most nations, becoming more brutal and more ingenious.
The electorate of today is not the same that was a few years ago, because social media is playing unprecedented role to shape their opinions. It appears that there will be another election within a year or so in which some rhetoricians are likely to be driven out of their political arena. The Canadians of today, particularly those who have entered the threshold of longevity, expect meaningful peace and security. Some asylum seekers from the blood-soaked areas where some peaceful minorities are in danger of being wiped out, are likely to pose dangers to the Western democracies because of their strange notions about justice, brutalities, multiculturalism, women and even peace that is the child of peaceful means. The asylum seekers who seek more than just asylum will attempt to pollute the atmosphere within the Canadian structure that has been built on the vision of the founding fathers. Without this structure, peace shall remain will- o’-the-wisp, because even much less than one percent of the maniac messiahs are enough to daze the disciples of the fathers of the nation.
It is notable here that peace and prosperity go together, and political peace affects individual peace also. Often even physical ailments, including heart problems, blood pressure, kidney impairment, some forms of cancers, and diabetes are tied with lack of peace that causes stress. I have discussed this issue in a better way and in detail in my novel The Coexistence. Canadians deserve peace. At the same time Canadians should share their blessings with the asylum seekers who are enormously in distress, particularly from the troubled areas where young daughters, sisters and mothers are being auctioned and treated as the spoils of war that is allowed by their dogmas, while the world is a helpless witness to this show of utter shame. There are documented proofs that girls from the age 10 to 12 from targeted minority groups have been tortured, raped and sold in the market of sexual slavery. Hundreds of them have killed themselves. Because of their beliefs in the peace that is the outcome of peaceful means, and their unbelievable suffering, the asylum seekers from such groups would be able to adjust easily with thanks to bathe in the rays of a new dawn in a new nation. On the other hand, the asylum seekers who seek more than just asylum may cause irreparable damages to the fabric of Canadian peace as they have caused elsewhere. Sadly, most of the contestants in this election of 2015 are silent about this alarming aspect of asylum seekers to grab a morsel of power.
It is also notable to mention that because of a morsel of power most of the contestants from Liberal Party are silent about the policy of the sex education that their government in Ontario is going to introduce in schools. There are areas where ethnic groups from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are in large numbers. They are from the old school of thought. Not only they are against the sex education for children in schools that has been planned by their government in Ontario, they also do not support the open lifestyle of its woman premier. Now there is another rumour that a Liberal Government would licence brothels easily to run. This rumour certainly will prove another nail in the coffin of Liberals.

Are Canadians ready for this change, is a question?

©copyright Stephen Gill, Oct. 2015
About the author: Multiple award winning Stephen Gill, Indo/Canadian poet, novelist, essayist, has authored more than twenty books. He is the subject of doctoral dissertations, and research papers. Eleven books have been released by book publishers on his works and more are on the way. (Websites: www.stephengill.ca and www.stephengillcriticism.info; twitter.com/poetstephengill )

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