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Notoriously Spiritual Indian Community

Notoriously Spiritual Indian Community – Unity in Diversity

Notoriously Spiritual Indian Community
Unity in Diversity

This is the community that took birth in spirituality but has turned its back from spirituality and become highly politicised, sometimes willing to kill its own and others they perceive as an impediment in their ambition to form a state based on religion. The entire world is turning its back from religion, definitely does not want the state and religion to mix, yet this is the community that wants to carve out a religion based state. Some of its members have publicly made venomous statements like:
“What to talk about living in the same country, we can not live even on the same planet where the Hindus live”.

This is the community that gave birth to Shaheed-e- Azam Bhagat Singh & at the same time to Bhindrawale, Parmar, Tiger Force, Babbar Khalsa and dozens of terrorist cells whose members embrace their arch enemy Muslims and get training and weapons from them to cause mayhem in India. This is the community that has given birth to brave soldiers who rebuffed the
Paki marauders in Kashmir in 1948 who had reached within 5 miles of striking distance from Srinagar and at the same time, Prime Minister’s guards Beant and his partner blew her body into more than a 100 pieces.


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This is the community who were deployed in 1857 to fight the Maharani Jhansi and her freedom fighter when they were about to scale the Kashmiri gate and enter Delhi to liberate from the imperialist colonisers who came as merchants and turned rulers by making the divide & rule as their weapon. This is the community that still stays divided – not all of them though.

This is the community that serves langar and allows its preachers to preach anti-India falsehoods even today at the same premises where langar is served, making non-Sikhs very uneasy and uncomfortable to enjoy the Gurbani.

This is the community that benefited most from the Government of India’s highly expensive first and 2nd 5-year plans to make India self-sufficient in food grains and then started slogans like “This water we get from the canals has its energy all taken away to generate electricity” . No thanks and no consideration for the sacrifices of the rest of the country. If it was not for the great sacrifice to borrow and beg funds to make Punjab as the bread basket, not only Punjabi farmers but even the rest of Indians would have continued to suffer from the acute food shortages – which luckily now are a thing of the past.


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This is the community that has made Canada and some other Western countries their home by immigrating illegally on the basis of cooked up stories of persecution in their country of birth, thus maligning its name – still carries on with the hate-India
agenda, even bombing aeroplanes full of innocent victims. I once asked a refugee board judge who was a friend what does he think of the people of India – he said “they are all liars” surely referring to the Sikhs with whom he dealt most as hardly
any Hindu has ever filed a refugee claim.

This is the community whose leaders until today exploit the anti and hate-India slogans to win elections and further their personal goals for political offices. All this talk about them making India’s name good is BS as none of them has ever produced any scientific discovery or any IT program (like the Silicon valley where 99% non-Sikhs rule the IT community), any medical advancement, any cyber technology research – all it has done is produced truck drivers and other menials who are known to control the illicit drug smuggling, domestic violence – you name it.

This is the community that calls mob riots of 1984 a genocide of the Sikhs – what a farcical statement as never did the government of India or Punjab ever target a non-violent and a pious Sikh, all it did was to eradicate and target the violent
segment to protect its citizenry.


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One can go on and on and would come to a conclusion that this is the community that needs to introspect and decide whether it wants to pursue the spiritual goals of its founder Gurus who laid their lives to protect the same people whom today this community can not live with and wants to destroy. This is the community that should think about the old dictum

“United we stand and divided we fall”.

Hindus at large carry no ill will towards its Sikh and even some mis-guided violent brothers and has its doors & hearts open. All the Hindus want is that the venom spoken against India and its 82% majority stops and the old loving and peaceful environ-
ment prevails and returns even in countries like Canada and UK which have become the source of funds and other support for element engaged in stoking the fires of separation and non-sensical Khalistan, which movement has mostly died in India and Punjab, but still rules the minds of those who migrated to other lands illegally and maligned the name of their sacred birth place.

If those who still decide to carry on with their destructive agendas, must know that India is on its way to recapture the glory of Maurya and pre-Ashoka days and nobody, especially the few hundred thousand dis-affected Khalistanis, can stop India’s march to become the golden sparrow that once it was known to be. Up until the 15th century India had the largest economy in the world, and within 250 years the British imperialists had reduced it be 28th- and now it is probably the third, inching its way to be the first. Hindus want to embrace all as they have done for centuries, given sanctuary to the persecuted Parsis, Jews, Chinese, Bangla and whoever else knocked on its doors. India still takes care of the sick Muslims from Pakistan and the middle east in large numbers.

Jai Hind.

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