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Political correctness runs amok!

Many in the world not realizing that something’s wrong with the way things are shaping up on political, social and religious front. A disturbing trend of thinking pattern is getting established by ever changing events, particularly in the Middle East, that are greatly impacting and influencing rest of the world. But invariably on gullible crowds that believe in political correctness as only means of guideline to resort to unruly and often bloody confrontation to protest and reject any reasonable argument related to conservative ideals.

And that is putting an increasing squeeze on critical thinking of many, including one track minds at American and Canadian university campuses, that regularly get strong dose of worn out ideas of liberalism supressing whatever left of neutrality. Some feel 60’s protest is revisiting–theme is the same, tactics differ. But it was never a serious problem till the left wing mob elected, not once but twice, an extreme liberal ideologue whose entry is changing American history and dragging the entire world into an unprecedented conflict.

In my previous post I wrote why conservatism is in real danger and how the political correctness is putting many in precarious situation. In Europe, the left has already influenced majority citizens to the extent they find it impossible to escape from the forced multiculturalism, which many believe is a root cause of blindly embracing ambiguous political correctness mantra reflecting prevailing herd mentality.
And just study any liberal university platform here or any other campuses! And look at the roaster of tenured professors whose viewpoints are mirrored in mind dumbing ideologically inclined immature followers who often take route of intimidation to try to impose half-baked, least understood and little learned meaning of Marxism, Capitalism and Socialism!

But their loud threatening voices in large numbers gather to drive out anyone whose views don’t conform to their own, defying the fundamentals of real learning based on freedom of speech. Many past events show where prominent authors, political leaders and religious reformists were not given platform to express their point of views in open forums. Ann Coulter and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are only the recent example where politically correct crowd staged such a bloody objection the planned events had to be cancelled.
Not long ago, Benjamin Netanyahu speech at Concordia University in Montreal was cancelled because a small number of Arab students objected to politics of free speech. Two years back Geert Wilders in UK had to battle with such groups who used intimidation, threats and other mocking tactics to stop him showing his film Fitna that condemns act of violence by radical Islamist groups.

There are numerous incidents happening all over the world, particularly in Europe–a cozy hub of political correctness. Recently in UK, its government banned two prominent supporters of free speech–Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to talk about and expose how militant Islam is using religion as a tool to silence its opponent.

Unfortunate reality is that the radicals are given boost to their long planned desire of establishing sharia paving way to establish soft caliphate wherever their numbers give them sense of victory. They know the foolish crowd along with far left media is on their side. There seems to be very little concern about atrocities committed by ISIS whose vicious tentacles, in all likelihood, will reach all over the Western world soon.

But here in Canada, our two opposition parties and their ardent supporters are mired in prolonged discussion of how C-51, Anti-Terrorism Act, is much bigger threat to personal liberty than sword wielding Islamists waiting to behead or burn infidels alive. Those who are against the bill should check the Pew Research polls since 9/11 on spread of militant Islam.

Perhaps such bone-heads deserve our pity for their naive approach to political correctness. But what is disturbing is their lack of understanding of its meaning as defined by Scriptonite Daily Blog: Its doctrine fostered by a delusional illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

And the reason I said they deserve our pity is simple. Their tendency to confine to absurdity to the point they resort to malign anyone who disagree with them. Their targets are conservatives who don’t believe in global warming, and those who believe life begins at conception and those who believe in marriage between man and woman or those who want to fight against ISIS. They simply think conservatives are unreasonable, hoarder of wealth and too godly.

And last few years of constant bickering about income inequality show the agitators consist of mixture of leftists, socialists, liberals, democrats and other disfranchised groups that spew their prejudices acquired, learnt and taught either by their own peers, labour unions and suggested reading material by their professors that keep them in tune with the prescribed left-wing ideology of politically correct culture.

And in the entire Middle East the mind boggling atrocities do not open up their sensible side of differentiating between good and evil, so they direct their rage and anger at only one democracy that has been fighting to survive in the sea of Arab and Muslim world where protest and propaganda, used as very effective tools at every juncture to undermine Israel.

Just look at the crowds that blindly support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. They neither have inclination to find out which organizations fund it, nor intellectual curiosity to judge its long term impact on society in general. They avoid looking at the root cause of conflict. If the Arab nations had agreed to 1948 UN Resolution 181 to establish two states, this prolonged misery would have ended. But they wanted the entire land and went to wars repeatedly getting defeated at each attempt.
This kind of reasoning leads to dangerous confusion when media fail to give impartial views of both sides. Often, anti-Israel–anti-government protest groups get easy access not only in print media but also in three main Canadian Networks whose dial is set at a liberal ideology number. And their followers argue the media in America, Canada and Europe are not biased!

Enforced ideology doesn’t get easily changed by convincing logical arguments. The same is with religion. As I wrote in previous post that West has to understand what real intention of ISIS is, and at the same time, explore best means to stop young Muslim lads who are indoctrinated in many mosques and getting attracted to the designated destructive plans!
The Harper government has constantly warned of lurking dangers of remaining indifferent to radical elements. His government has proposed the Anti-Terror Bill C-51 to answer some of the threats posed by militant Muslims, here and abroad. But its contents are attacked by the leaders of both opposition parties along with majority left wing media who think the Bill would make personal liberty at risk.

But what really at the risk is absolutely undermined by superfluous understanding of evolving unfathomable threat that will make our civilization and its vast achievements disintegrate in few years. Those who don’t have foresight of visualizing tragic impact of action of few whose agenda is driven by selfish, political and religious motives they will parish under the weight of political correctness.

Jayant Gala
April 9, 2015
Brossard, QC

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