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Serenity Embraces the Storm
Serenity Embraces the Storm

Serenity Embraces the Storm

Serenity Embraces the StormBook of Poems

Serenity Embraces the Storm

Serenity Embraces the Storm

Authored by Dr. Monika Spolia

List Price: $9.00
6″x9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
74 pages
ISBN: 9780986747250
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Press Release

Author Monika Spolia releases her new book: Serenity Embraces the Storm

Vagabond Steps of Decorous Penchant

An Anthology of Poems

(in English and Hindi)

Montreal, QC, Canada (Vesta Publications Ltd.) March 13, 2015 – Author Monika Spolia has once again unleashed her artistic talent in a compelling book of poems.

The themes and subjects of the poems range from cosmic liberation to love to peace. The author being proficient in English and Hindi allowed her to play with the intricacy of both languages and deliver this anthology. However we note that those are not translations but distinct poems in both languages for the double enjoyment of readers fluent in the two languages, or at least one.

“Serenity Embraces the Storm” is designed with English poems on one side of the book and Hindi poems on the other side of the book, titled “Shaleen Lagan ke Aawara Kadam” (Vagabond Steps of Decorous Penchant) with artwork and illustrations, so the reader not only reads the poem but also experiences it in a flight of imagination.

About the author: Dr. Monika Spolia is an established writer. Her last book, ‘Peace through Violence or Non-violence?’ was well received. Though there have been many books written on Peace, her approach remains fresh and consoling to controversies. She is well versed in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Thus, her approach is crisp with multitude of perspectives to share.

Dr. Spolia confirms that she is currently working on other projects, fiction as well as non-fiction. She is also available for interviews and live readings. For more on her, visit amazon.com/author/drmonikaspolia.

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“The most insightful, provocative and profound poems I have ever read.”

John Linden, World Peace Patriot

“While reading the author’s poetry one gets a feel of an artistic intellect. The lines flow easily and with a quiet beauty. At the end of a poem, it seems like there is just enough to make you hope for more. But much isn’t said so that one’s imagination can carry you further in realms of the poem and the story.”

Manes Liautaud

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