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Quebec’s (Canada) Disastrous “Language Solution” to the “Immigrant Problem”

Cultural Genocide

How a Province uses Language Laws to Assimilate and Implement a Cultural genocide The title refers to an “immigrant problem” not because there actually is one but instead to reflect the real conditions of how immigrants are actually treated and dealt with through laws implemented and designed with the intent of containing, restricting and restraining them. These are all measures ...

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Prime Minister on Canadian Multiculturalism Day

June 27, 2020, Ottawa, Ontario – The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, expressed his enthusiasm on Canadian Multiculturalism Day, “Today on Canadian Multiculturalism Day, I join Canadians across the country to celebrate our diversity and reaffirm our commitment to equity, inclusion, and mutual respect. “Canadian Multiculturalism Day is an opportunity to recognize the important contributions that Canadians from different backgrounds have made ...

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