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The Casa de Poutine web series on YouTube from June 2021

The Casa de Poutine web series on YouTube from June 2021

Montreal – Agence Stéphane Belugou is pleased to announce that its web series Casa de Poutine will be available on YouTube as of June 21. Produced, scripted and directed by Stéphane Belugou, the web series features around twenty artists that you will recognize or enjoy discovering!

The cast shines with its diversity, both generational and cultural, which makes the web series even richer. We find among others Adrien Belugou (Portrait-robot), Alexandre Pronovost, Chantal Chartrand, Claudie Mercier (Occupation Double), Émilie Girard, singer Frédéric Thuot, Gaspard Jaquet, Gardy McEly (Best forward), Heidie Joubert, Jamal El Amrani, Jessie Nadeau (Double Occupation), Karim Hamdy, Karine Boyer, Koralie Rolland, Louis-Philippe Cyr, Marguerite Forget, Marianne Plouffe Chagnon, Melyssa Lorrain (Another story), Noémie Tremblay, Sandrine Péladeau-Trudeau, Shanelle Blanchette, Simon-Pierre Brochard, Sonia Chamberland and Wood-Alder Barthemy.

Designed in an interesting mix of styles, from humor to action and adventure, with a touch of suspense and even love, Casa de Poutine, quietly, but effectively, denounces certain aspects of our society.

The video clip shot on the theme song of the webseries will give you an excellent taste of Stéphane Belugou’s proposal.

A project inspired by the pandemic
During the pandemic, when almost everything stopped, Stéphane Belugou, artist agent and president of Agence Belugou, chose to take action and combine his four passions: to discover new artists, writing, directing and directing actors. This is how the Casa de Poutine web series was born, which allowed the agency’s teams to put their talent to good use in a unifying project.

Initially imagined for a short film format, Casa de Poutine quickly evolved over the course of its creation into a web series of 10 episodes of approximately 15 minutes. Each has its own plot and dramatic curve, which helps capture our attention and keep us going from episode to episode.

Synopsis of Casa de Poutine
A group of actor friends learn that they will not be able to put on their play due to impending lockdown. To get out of this, and since they all have financial problems, they decide to rob a bank, all largely inspired by the series La Casa de Papel. They obviously all embark on this crazy project! The armed attack takes place, no one has the money, the group splits … but where is the nest egg? On the side of the girl gang? The gang of Italians? Prof’s gang? The police join in and go in search of the thieves. Among the police: a traitor. Who has the money? Who is ready to die to get by?

Director: Stéphane Belugou
Screenplay: Stéphane Belugou
Cinematographer: Nicholas Marakas
Original soundtrack: Ezekiel Smith | Instagram: whos_smith
Generic music: Jamal El Amrani, Sonia Chamberland, Sirine
Cameramen: Nicholas Marakas, Enrick Grand’Maison, Sébastien Dubé, Marc Desaulniers
Drone: Jean-Christophe Caron
Editing: Nicholas Marakas
Make-up: Fanny Fortier

About Stéphane Belugou
Stéphane Belugou wrote and produced his first play at the age of 22, and staged it at the Avignon Festival in 1989. Since then, three of his many plays have been published, and some have been performed over 300 times. He emigrated to Quebec in 1994, where he directed the 55 prince performance hall for three years. In 1998, he opened his first acting school in front of the camera where he trained generations of actors including Jean-Carl Boucher, Mylène St-Sauveur and Jason Roy Léveillée. He then opened the Red Carpet Studios school, which trained more than 10,000 young actors over the years. He eventually founded his own artists’ agency and discovered many talents who now have great careers.

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