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Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality by Jitendra Patwari
Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality by Jitendra Patwari

Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality (Chakra Samhita) – 7

Chakra (Part 1)

During this article series, we have so far discussed the terms Aura, Kundalini, and Nadi. Now the time has come to understand the Chakras.

Life Journey – Chakra Journey
The entire life journey, consciously or unconsciously, is a Chakra journey. Because every aspect of life about body, mind, and spirit relies on Chakras, it is imperative to have a preliminary understanding of the term ‘Chakra’ before embarking upon the roller-coaster, enchanting, step-by-step Chakra trip that will commence eventually.
Three core and numerous auxiliary subtle energy channels(Nadi) execute the task of transporting energy in every body part. Nadis intersect one another at different points. On seven such points, a cluster of Nadis intersects one another. Chakras are the major intersection points of Nadis. This is analogous to railway junctions which are the major stations where many rail lines intersect. Precisely that way, Chakras are junctions of Nadis. Furthermore, they are the energy centres regulating the energy in the whole body and hence, the immune system exclusively relies on them.

Name and Location of Chakras
The principal Nadis are three, and the secondary Nadis are countless. Likewise, the major Chakras are seven, and the secondary Chakras are multiple. As such, all acupuncture and acupressure points are also secondary Chakras. The major seven Chakras are located starting from the base of the spine and ascending their way up to the top of the head. At the bottom is Muladhar(Root Chakra), followed by Swadhishthan(Sacral Chakra), Manipur(Solar Chakra), Anahata(Heart Chakra), Vishuddhi(Thorat Chakra), Ajna(Third Eye Chakra) and lastly at the top is Sahastrar(Crown Chakra). The accompanying title page of the book ‘ChakraSamhita’ portrays the location of each Chakra.

Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality by Jitendra Patwari
Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality by Jitendra Patwari

Chakras and Medical Science
From the perspective of modern medical science, the seven major Chakras represent different glands in the body. Root Chakra relates to Gonads, Sacral Chakra to Ovaries and Testicles, Solar Chakra to Adrenal, Heart chakra to Thymus, Throat Chakra to Thyroid, Third Eye Chakra to Pituitary, and the Crown Chakra relates to Pineal Gland. By releasing hormones, the endocrine system is in charge of controlling a variety of body processes. The secreted hormones then circulate through the blood to the body’s organs and tissues. The hormones subsequently instruct these organs and tissues on how to behave or perform. Similar to glands impacting different body organs and mental emotions, Chakras also impact and control organs and emotional states.

Nadis and Chakras
The Nadis are the energy transportation system, while the Chakras are the energy stations; they are the transformers that process the higher frequency energy received from the universe, causing chemical, hormonal and cellular changes in the body.
Functions of Chakras
The Chakras are in control of managing the body functions and the emotions of the mind. Furthermore, they perform the task of receiving energy from the universe and expelling harmful energy that the body generates on a daily basis owing to disturbing thoughts and various other reasons. Just as neurons automatically encode in them all types of memory, the Chakras encode in them the energy of every thought. Every thought has energy. Consequently, each thought affects the Chakras. From this, one can easily understand the reasons behind feeling tired even without any physical exertion when gripped by fear, annoyance, anxiety, anguish, grief, downheartedness, guilt or any distressing thought.
The Chakras act as a shield around the body, countering all attacks of ailments. At some point, when excessive thought pollution accumulates, Chakras face blockages in absorbing fresh energy and expelling contaminated energy – just as junk fills a kitchen sink and blocks the flow of water. Consequently, the Chakras weaken. Only then, can disorders infiltrate the body.

Chakras of a Newborn
Even a new-born may have imbalanced Chakras, floating a question of how it can happen so when thoughts are the prime cause of affecting Chakras. This happens as the pregnant mother’s thoughts during and after conception affect and shape a kid’s Chakra. That is why there is always a special emphasis on virtuous reading and thinking during pregnancy.
To sum up the functions and the significance of the Chakras in a single sentence, it can be said that all the body functions and the entire inner world of emotions relate to one or more Chakras.
The time has come to take a break now. In the ensuing article, we shall know about the Chakras of the Earth, 7 chakras in the palm and an easy practical exercise to feel cosmic energy between palms, and thereafter, would embark upon the actual Chakra Journey of 7 chakras discussing all relevant points threadbare.

…continued in next issue

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