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Kundalini-The_Serpent_Power-Throug_ the_Lenses_of-Science,on_the_Wings_of_Spirituality_(Chakra_Samhita)

Through the Lenses of Science, on the Wings of Spirituality (Chakra Samhita)

Article 3 – Kundalini

✒ Jitendra Patwari

After understanding the concept of Aura through the previous 2 articles, let us now be aware of one more related concept. That concept is, ‘Kundalini’, known as ‘Serpentine Power’, in other words.  

Sanskrit, a rich ancient Indo-Aryan language, contains the treasure of Eastern spiritual heritage like Vedas etc. This language contains the word ‘Kundali’ as well as ‘Kundalini’. As the pronunciation appears quite similar, it creates confusion at times and countless people consider these words to be synonymous. In fact, it is not so. Therefore, let’s have clarity first that both these words are dissimilar. ‘Kundali’ is a term used in astrology that denotes horoscope, prepared in accordance with the planetary situation at the time of birth. Conversely, the term under our discussion is,  ‘Kundalini’(Serpentine Power), which is a metaphysical concept.

The concept of Kundalini carries such an immense value that all the prehistoric cultures viz. China, Japan, Greece, Egypt, etc., carries references to Kundalini, though termed with different names. Therefore, if one wants to know how fascinating this topic is, it is worth doing a search on Google with the word ‘Kundalini’ or ‘Serpentine Power’ and for sure, 30 to 40 million references may appear in less than a second. This is so indicative of the mounting interest of people globally, in this concept.

Kundalini – meaning

Kundalini-The_Serpent_Power-Throug_ the_Lenses_of-Science,on_the_Wings_of_Spirituality_(Chakra_Samhita)

When put in easy words, Kundalini is the Basic Life Force of our body. This force enters a baby’s body when she is in the womb of the mother, through the mother’s Crown Chakra (palate of the head) around the fourth month of pregnancy, and descends up to the Root Chakra located near the lower edge of the spine. Whether affluent or hand-to-mouth, male or female, Eastern or Western, one and all acquire this power, just by the virtue of taking birth. That’s why knowledge of this concept is crucial. All the clubbed treasures of the world are also minuscule when compared to this enormous cosmic gift. Regrettably, nearly all human beings end their lives utilizing a tiny portion (maybe 5 to 7%) of this wealth. As per the well-accepted understanding, even luminaries like Albert Einstein and others were incapable to use more than 10% of this power. Oftentimes, we read or hear that human beings have mammoth power. This mammoth power is nothing but ‘Kundalini’, an ocean of power, a reservoir of energy from which we are generally utilizing just a fist-full quantity till life ends. 

Kundalini Awakening

The Kundalini energy remains almost dormant during the entire lifespan. Typically, its movement remains confined to the organs near the pelvic area and downwards. Humans feel a glimpse of this power in the form of surging energy during moments of sexual ecstasy. ‘Kundalini awakening’ term is used for the phenomenon when this energy starts ascending instead of its usual downward movement. During this process, it gradually moves upwards penetrating the 7 chakras of the body, removing the impurities and imbalances of various chakras and the connected organs. Incidentally, all the organs of the body and all the emotions bear straight connections with one or more of these 7 chakras which, we shall discuss at a later stage. With the Kundalini Awakening process, increased access is gradually available to the dormant reservoir of immense energy; the result gets reflected in the form of overall progress. Though this is predominantly an expedition for spiritual ascension, it comes with free bonuses like health improvement, increased peace of mind, enhanced inner happiness and a bunch of other worldly benefits. During the ascension process, changes take place in the body at the cellular level and in the nervous system. Therefore, a person passes through unprecedented experiences, popularly known as ‘Kundalini Awakening experiences. 

While the Eastern culture has, for ages, a threadbare study of all metaphysical concepts like Aura, Kundalini, Chakra etc., significant awareness is evident in this field in the West also, in the last few decades, especially after 1960.

The concept of Kundalini can be straightway compared to DNA. Recent DNA activation experiments in the West are just another name for the Kundalini Awakening concept prevalent in Eastern countries for thousands of years. We shall discuss this part, Kundalini misconceptions and a few Kundalini Awakening experiences in the upcoming article.

Today, let’s conclude with the words of Carl Jung (1875-1961) who was a great Swiss psychologist and psychoanalyst with manifold achievements to his credit. Analytical Psychology is entirely his contribution. Apart from that, he has immensely contributed to the fields of ethnography, archaeology, literature, philosophy, religion etc. This visionary had said,

“When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world. It is the world of eternity.

(… to be continued)

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