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About Us

Bharat Times is an intercultural newspaper (Bharat is Hindi name for India when it was inclusive of all south-Asia including Afghanistan, a couple of centuries ago). The philosophy and essence of Bharat Times is non-violence; respect of individuality and differences; tolerance leading to acceptance and grass-root spirituality – all in all Unity in Diversity.
Born out of the Indian community of Montreal, it aims to grasp, represent and cover the diverse cultural richness of Montreal metropolis by incorporating diverse cultural contributions to its columns.
Being ‘For People By People’, implies that Bharat Times is published for the greater benefit of people; and people of all walks of life write and contribute to it.
It thrives for everyone’s support and now it exists and prospers to assist in the diffusion of cultural richness, arts and information throughout our communities. Bharat Times has spent considerable time within the communities, highlighting, with words and photos, the concepts and images of different cultures.
It is distributed all over Greater Montreal regions like Parc Extension, West Island, Brossard, Longueil, Cote-des-Neiges, Downtown, Montreal West, Ville St. Laurent, Lasalle and so on. The distribution points among others include grocery Stores, restaurants, temples, gurudwaras, mosques, churches, clinics and shopping plazas.
In addition, Bharat Times has organized, affiliated and participated in various cultural endeavours in order to bring the multicultural mosaic together to promote inter-cultural exchanges in order to combat exclusion and innate prejudices.

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