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What Are Microfibre Cloths and How Can You Use Them?

What Are Microfibre Cloths and How Can You Use Them?

When you want to perform cleaning tasks, the first thing you may think about is soap and water. You may also consider using bleach. But traditional methods of cleaning are changing. More people are becoming aware of how their cleaning methods are affecting them and their surroundings.

Most cleaning products are made up of harmful chemicals and fragrances that irritate the lungs, skin, and eyes. They also affect the environment negatively as the chemicals evaporate and pollute the air. They also flow into rivers, lakes, and oceans, and the soil absorbs them as well. These chemical cleaners cost a lot of money and require intensive manual labor.

Therefore, our efforts to keep our homes clean exposes us to more harm through the cleaning products we use. But the narrative is changing gradually with the introduction of microfibre cloths in the market. They are chemical-free and have a lot of uses and benefits. You can visit this website to find out the environmental impact of chemical cleaning products.

What Are Microfibre Cloths?

Microfibre cloths are fabrics made from nylon and polyester fibers. When these fibers are interwoven, they form a surface that takes the resemblance of a net. They can trap and absorb dirt, moisture, and other substances.

The polyamide or nylon in the fabric has a rigid electric charge to attract and trap dirt particles. This charge ensures that dirt sticks to the cloth during cleaning. When microfibre towels are manufactured, chemical processes are used to split the microfibres, creating positive electric charges. Therefore, when you use them to clean, the debris, which is negatively charged, sticks to the cloths.

Furthermore, microfibres are around 1/16 of a human hair’s thickness. So when the fibers are interwoven, they have more fibers compared to the normal cleaning towels. This allows them to clean surfaces deeply and more easily. The numerous fibers can access crevices and pores that traditional tools for cleaning can’t.

Additionally, the nylon assists the fabrics to be absorbent as well as dry quickly. They can even absorb about 7 to 8 times of their weight. You can use the fabrics whether dry or wet and there is no need for any other polish or chemical.   

How Can You Use Microfibre Towels?

You can use microfibre for various cleaning tasks. Below are some ways you can use them.

1. Absorbing

The towels are great to stock around the home in case there is any spill. They are highly absorbent, so you can use them to quickly soak up liquid substances. You can also stash some in your bathrooms and kitchen to get you set for when a spill disaster happens.

2. Polishing

You can use the towels to clean your glass and windows. They will be streak-free and sparkle after cleaning because microfibre traps and attracts dust and various particles. Ensure you rub the surface with the microfibre towel until it is clean.

3. Scrubbing

The very tiny fibers used in producing these towels are great for removing debris and dirt from all surfaces, from countertops to floors. You can also wipe up a lot of mess without wetting the towel. However, if the mess is a stubborn one, ensure you wet the towel slightly to boost the scrubbing power.

4. Disinfecting

Microfibres are suitable for cleaning places that should remain clean and free from bacteria, like the bathroom and kitchen. The towels can trap bacteria, so they can help to eliminate germs, as well as keep the surfaces sanitary. If you clean surfaces frequently, ensure you launder the towels after use to prevent cross-contamination.

5. Dry Dusting

The static charge in the towels makes them ideal for attracting and trapping dirt from all surfaces. Microfibres do not leave a track of dust around or dirt streaks. So when you use a dry towel to wipe down the surfaces in your home, they will become free from dust and sparkle immediately.

Expert Tips for Using Microfibre

Here are some tips to help you maximize the use of microfibre towels:

  1. Start using just one portion of the towel to clean. Fold it into half, and another half to get 8 portions for cleaning. That is 4 on both sides.
  2. If you want to dust, leave the towel to stay dry. But for other cleaning tasks, dampen the towel before using it to wipe surfaces.
  3. If you have used the towel for some minutes or you discover that it is leaving lint or dirt behind, re-fold and use another portion. Continue doing this until you use up all portions of the towel or you complete your cleaning task.

How to Care for Microfibre Towels

What Are Microfibre Cloths and How Can You Use Them? - How to Care for Microfibre Towels

Here’s how to clean microfibre towels:

After Every Use

Rinse them in warm or hot water for 10 to 15 seconds. You can also check the care labels to know the recommended water temperature for the product you have. If the towels are grimy, continue rinsing them until you get clear water. After that, you can continue using them.

Once Each Week

If you use the towels every day, ensure you wash them in a washing machine each week. Start by rinsing them to flush out the dirt, then place them in the washer using the regular wash. Do not add bleach as this will harm the fibers. Do not also add fabric softener because it will keep the fibers clogged.

On the other hand, if you do not use the towels more often, simply wash them as soon as they appear dirty. You can also watch out for when they start leaving traces of lint behind. Ensure you follow the instructions on care labels for drying because some items have specific instructions for care.

If you think the clothes are becoming ineffective or start smelling, mix a quarter cup of baking soda in water and boil them in the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also get microfibre cloths for cleaning online and in physical stores to replace the old ones.


While it is important for us to keep surfaces clean, we do not want to use cleaning agents that will cause us more harm. From the information shared above, you can see that microfibre cloths are more reliable and safer to use than chemical cleaning agents. So when next you shop for cleaning agents, save yourself more money by opting for these magical towels.

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