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“Yom HaShoah”: The City of Montreal commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day

“Yom HaShoah”:

The City of Montreal commemorates
Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 12, 2018, Montreal – As part of an official ceremony at City Hall, Ms. Magda Popeanu, Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee, responsible for Housing, Property Management and Planning, and Diversity Montreal, paid tribute to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. This commemoration took place in the presence of municipal officials and many guests, including Mr. Lionel Perez, spokesman for the status of the city, governance and international relations, Ms. Mindy Pollak, councilor in the borough of Outremont, as well as David Levy, Consul General of Israel.

“In solidarity with the survivors and as a sign of vigilance, Ville Montréal has for several years recognized Holocaust Remembrance Day, according to the Jewish lunar calendar. By honoring them, we remember the importance of cultivating values ​​of inclusion, solidarity and respect. Remembering the Holocaust also means remembering the fragility of the principles we take for granted. We must continue to remember this dark side of history, to ensure that it never happens again, “commented Ms. Popeanu.


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Remember that six million Jews were victims of the Holocaust, or the “Shoah” during the Second World War. Montreal was one of the first cities to welcome the survivors of this genocide. For example, after World War II, Montréal became a host city for more than 30,000 survivors, the third largest contingent in the world, after Israel and New York.

In 1947 in particular, one thousand one hundred and one hundred Holocaust survivors were welcomed into Canada as part of the program negotiated by the Canadian Jewish Congress for “war orphans,” almost half of whom settled in Montreal . The painting “The train of Jewish children” projected on the wall of 241 Notre-Dame Street West, as part of Cité Mémoire, recalls this landmark event in the city’s history.


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On March 25, 2002, the City of Montreal proclaimed Yom HaShoah’s Day as “Remembrance Day for All Holocaust Victims” and pledged to recognize this day on a recurring basis, as it is set each year. according to the Jewish lunar calendar. The Montreal Holocaust Memorial Center opened its world-renowned museum in 2003 and has instituted awareness and education programs on intolerance and racial hatred against Jews and non-Jews.

In 2016, Montreal City Council members unanimously adopted the Holocaust Remembrance Day Statement. Montreal’s elected officials recognized the Yom HaShoah Day, “Holocaust Remembrance Day”, in solidarity with the survivors of this genocide and as a sign of vigilance so that this kind of crime never happens again.


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