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What to do at Home during COVID-19

by Aumsan Siva Subramaniam 

During the virus epidemic everyone has to stay home. You can only do so much at home, so I don’t know about you but I am bored out of my mind. I can’t even go outside for long to get some fresh air these days.

  Here are some fun ways to enjoy staying at home. The first one is very entertaining – Playing board games!!! You can play games like Monopoly, Chess, Bingo, Connect-four and more!

  The second one is a fine one to play – Hide and Seek or others games like that! Here are some examples: Jailbreak, Man Hunt, Freeze Tag and more!

  The last one is Arts and Crafts! Draw or make something special! Here are some examples: paper airplane, animals, legos, and a lot more! How about a card for your relatives, friends….

  These are some amazing things to do while COVID-19. Trust me, if you will do this everyday, you will have a great time and not feel bored!!!

  Yeah…. I am off to playing Monopoly. Want to join? Later.

  # Stay home # Stay safe !

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